Shopping for Ancient Coins in Paris France.

Shopping for Ancient Coins in Paris France.
It's not uncommon to stumble upon Ancient Coin Dealer shops in part of the 9th district of Paris.

On a business trip to Paris, I went on an adventure hunting for Ancient Coins for sales at the various shops and flea markets around the city.

It's not uncommon to stumble upon Ancient Coin Dealer shops in part of the 9th district of Paris. Start with Passage des Panoramas where you should find at least one coin / stamp shop if not a few shops there for what you seek. On a walkabout, explore some of the side streets shooting off the passages in that area and also carry on to the next Passage Jouffroy. You are welcome in advance...)

Most of the larger dealers are unwilling to buy from foreign visitors, but will certainly sell to them. I've had discouraging experiences dealing with the "Attitudes" but they are certainly willing to let you look at different things if you smile and speak a little French. There's no negotiation on price with them, as was my experience, and their walk-in prices strictly adhere to catalog prices.

Starting Spots:

  • Rue Vivienne from Boulevard Montmartre (North East End) down to the Paris Bourse, the French Stock Exchange, (South east limit) has lots of coin shops.
  • Flea Market, Porte de Clignancourt, (Paris): Flea Market with some coin dealers
  • Covered passages; covered passageways (arcades) all throughout Paris with ancient dealers, incl. coin and stamp shops
  • Sunday flea market at Place Castellane (Marseille); Flea Market in 15th arrondissement
  • The CGB-CGF guys are at 36 rue Vivienne; they are the authors of the "Le Franc" books and have an extensive catalog of offerings.
  • These Numismatic Shops carry very high grade coins that are NOT in the windows for security reasons.

A couple bits of advice:

  • Ignore shops in the Bourse area that are merely dealers in bullion. They have no idea of numismatics or how to handle coins.
  • Don't be discouraged by the generally unpleasant demeanor of a number of the dealers. In the US, coin shops tend to be friendlier places, with dealers eager to find out what you want and work with you. That's not been my experience coin shopping in Paris, or even in smaller cities in France.
  • Because of apparent security concerns, all of these guys keep their stock out of reach behind counters and pull things out for you to look at.
  • One dealer you might look for is "Numisaisne". Small shop, but he's got lots of supply behind the counter and is helpful. He was willing to negotiate on price as well.

I hope these notes help. I'll be adding pics soon.

Bon voyage!


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