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Ancient Numismatics is the “Hobby of Kings” and the "King of Hobbies".

Ancient coins have been collected by such noteworthy historical figures as, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, Louis XIV, and even Augustus Caesar himself.

Few people realize, the world’s first numismatist actually was Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar who was student of classical Greece and according to historians frequently bestowed ancient Greek gold coins as gifts to generals. By his death in 14 CE, he had amassed arguably the world’s first and finest coin collection. Can you imagine?

That coin in your hand... could have been presented by Augustus Caesar to a Roman General !!!

Holding history in your hand offers an instant connection to our collective human past and sparks the imagination in a unique way. Imagine: Who held this coin? Who mined the metal? What were they like? What the coin buy? How did they earn it? How has this coin traveled through time over the last 2000 years to end up in your hand? Was it buried before a battle?

Collecting ancient coins can seem like a daunting task: 

The U.S. Mint has existed for little more than two hundred years, but antiquity spans 21 centuries. You don’t need to own a museum or be a Rockefeller to collect ancient coins.

There are thousands of possible collections, endless combinations of interests, and variations based on price, condition and rarity. Some individual coins that can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there are alternate sets and subsets which are equally exciting and historical at more affordable prices such as the ancient coins we sell.

Today the field is open to all collectors at all ages and experience levels and budgets.

The collector market for ancient coins is less developed in the United States versus Europe and the modern coin market vastly shadows the total value for the ancient coin market. Despite ancient coins having smaller mintage and greater intrinsic value are actually far less expensive today than their American counterparts. Additionally, there is such an extensive pool of ancient variations for collecting for decades to come and one would never run out of new sets to complete.

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