About Kevin Brooks

It’s totally ok to totally geek out with us! As a passionate decades-long ancient coin collector myself, I got hooked decades ago, so we get it! Collecting ancient coins for me has evolved from a casual interest, to a hobby, to a passion and now fully occupies my happy place (aka secret obsession). Today, Ancient Numismatics has become my business.

My Why Statement. “It’s not about the money.”

I founded LumisNumis LLC because I have experienced and have witnessed the fun and enjoyment that Ancient Numismatics brings into people’s lives of all ages. As a businessman and believer in Karma, LumisNumis is dedicated to igniting that spark of imagination and wonderment for each of our customers. The art on ancient coins is a signature from people in the distant past and each authentic ancient coin “speaks” with a fascinating story to tell. We want to have fun with you and share our knowledge with you and your entire family for years to come. Ancient coins are literally “holding history in your hand” and spark endless fascination!

Why do we buy, sell and trade Ancient Numismatics?

Twice in my life this hobby has helped me keep my sanity and, as I have explained to the love of my life, has kept me out of a lot of bars and out of tons of trouble. Afterall, two $20 drinks are a shiny nice new Roman Denarii for my Abafil trays!

My collecting began in the months after the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center in New York City in 2001. Working on the super massive trading desk at the downtown headquarters of Merrill Lynch, I was on the ground within hundreds of feet from the second tower moments after the first plane hit and just below tower one when the second plane hit. Soon after, I watch the towers fall and the world change. Needless to say, I was pretty upset and forever changed by being witness to so much destruction and death so close.

During the subsequent shutdown, before we were ordered back to the offices overlooking ground zero to reopen the US markets, there was shock and chaos in New York City. I needed a new hobby; something that was not work related to occupy my mind.

The coin bug may be genetic.

My grandfather was a huge coin collector and upon his passing, left me several large bags of silver dollars and scrap silver I’d been lugging around from apartment to apartment in heavy zip lock bags for years and really had no interest in them. I traded the lot for about 50 Extremely Fine Roman Denarii and a set of Ptolemy Tetradrachm’s figuring my grandfather would approve.

The academic pursuit of attributing the coins did the trick; kept my brain busy and kept me distracted from the outside world. I was hooked and have enjoyed collecting regularly for over 20 years from wonderful reputable dealers in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and London who have taken the time to help me learn so much about ancient numismatics and the coin business. I’ve had great experiences and saved thousands of dollars largely due to a fantastic relationship with a highly reputable, knowledgeable and personable dealer. I’d like to do that for you.

I know from my collecting experience, your relationship with your dealer will absolutely determine your enjoyment level, educational path, success, sophistication and longevity as a collector. I will always offer you honest, fact-based guidance with friendly, enthusiastic white glove service no matter your budget.

Fast forward, nearly 20 years after 9-11, to the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. My love and I hunkered down for a long quarantine and again, Ancient Numismatics occupied my brain. We shut off the news, shut out social-media and focused on making our time productive and as happy as possible. So, I started LumisNumis in earnest during the pandemic shutdown and have delighted in having the time to combine so many of my professional skills and passion to starting an online ancient coin store.

It’s been a lot of work, a ton of you-tube videos, multiple all-nighters and so many generous contributions from my love and my friends in New York and Milan who zoomed with me to complete the project. It was a lot more work than I thought but again, despite some frustrations with my own limitations with web design, it kept my mind occupied and kept me happy and unfocused on the madness of the outside world.

My Professional Background:

Prior to founding LumisNumis, I worked, in the global capital markets as a stock market trader for New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed securities, as a private equity banker and consultant to CEO’s and management teams of private companies focused on defense technologies, renewable energy, sustainable power and socially conscious businesses and entrepreneurs. I’ve learned that commerce can address social issues and economic challenges and having ethics and conducting one’s self as an honorable market operator and businessman is poetically karmic. I’ve worked for such investment firms as The Robinson-Humphrey Company as a quantitative analyst in equity research, Merrill Lynch, in New York in Global Capital Markets and various other firms as a trader and market operator in public and private equities and debt as well as equity derivatives. I began my career in New York City before cellphones and the internet; when you needed quarters for payphones and networked personal relationships were everything to performing one's job function of adding value to demanding institutional clients such as hedge funds, insurance companies and other asset managers both in the United States and globally.

As I began to build LumisNumis, I realized the skills I acquired as a market operator are immediately applicable to building a global network of personal inter-dealer relationships in the notoriously closed ancient numismatics market. A fine blend of and inter-personal communication and relationship building skills is needed to acquire or invest in hard-to-find and valuable ancient coins sourced from around the globe. Success in the financial markets, like success as a coin dealer, is based on relationships, professionalism, reputation and credibility.

I grew up in a small town in South Carolina and I am an honor graduate from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, class of 1994. Afterwards, I moved to New York City and until 2020 worked in the financing services industry. Our shop is based in Charleston, SC, and I travel often to visit family in Milan, Italy and New York City, NY.

That’s a little about my story; it’s been an interesting ride on the watery big blue ball moving through space and time.

Come on down (or up) to Charleston SC and or let me know when you’re in New York City. Let’s grab a coffee and talk about how your story and how you collect. I’d enjoy getting to know you.

We hope you enjoy our site. It’s an ongoing labor of love.

-Kevin & Barbara

Kevin Brooks is an avid Ancient Coin Collector and the Founder of LumisNumis, L.L.C., an online Ancient Numismatic Dealership.

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