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Accurate Appraisals

Kevin Brooks, founder of LumisNumis, provides reliable, accurate, and current price evaluations on rare and collectible ancient coins.

Kevin's expertise over 25 years of experience in the rare coin business as a collector, wholesale buyer and retail seller.

He has conducted appraisals throughout his career for estates, individual coin collectors, financial institutions, trust departments, and law firms in New York City and across the U.S. and Europe.

Verbal appraisals for coins, currency, and gold and silver bullion are FREE.

  • Educational Sessions are $75 per hour.
  • Verbal appraisals on collections $75 per hour for pricing research.
  • Written estate appraisals are $150 per hour for pricing research.
  • Consulting Q&A conference calls or video meetings are $75 per hour.
  • Flat rate, fee based custom services are negotiable on rate.

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There are many ways to sell coins to those who would like to buy gold coins or buy silver coins: Outright Sale, Consignment, and Public Auction With Representation.

Learn how, when, and where to sell coins.

Numismatic Consulting and Collaboration

Kevin works with other coin dealers to negotiate the purchase of collections, consignments, and coin deals for coin buying and coin selling.  Kevin will travel to pick up a coin collection or consignment, or work with you at coin shows. There are many ways dealers can work together that are mutually beneficial-collaborating and generating new ideas. In addition, Kevin travels between Charleston SC, New York City and various cities around Europe including Milan, Italy.

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